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Mortuary Supplies Division of Extra Packaging LLC

Bioseal Systems, Centennial Products, Medical Products & Mortuary Supplies USA (Alpha Medical) are now assets of, and operated by, Extra Packaging LLC of Boca Raton Florida. Extra Packaging Employs over 40 people in 5 states, including a domestic manufacturing facility in TX with over 25 employees. Extra Packaging provides uncommon, custom, and unique packaging materials often not easily found in most areas. In recent years we have acquired several other companies to add a manufacturing dimension to our business model, and to add more products to our existing offerings. Within the 'mortuary supplies industry,' Extra Packaging is best known for the website

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Barrier Products ‘Bioseal Systems’ was independently run for almost 20 years until 2018, when the inventor & designer of the unrivaled Bioseal System & the unique Total Containment Zipperless Body Bag chose to retire. Extra Packaging is a perfect fit to continue to provide these critical 'Outbreak Response' products, as we are currently working with hundreds of aid groups, hospitals, mortuaries, and governmental organizations globally to help respond to and prepare for outbreaks & disasters. We also found a few ways to lower the price!

Supplier of a wide variety of body bags for: coroners, funeral homes, hospitals, municipalities, military/goverment and more.

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Medical Products Ltd

Medical Products Ltd. was the manufacturer of many U.S. DoD body bag contracts over several decades. Until 2015, it was a certified disabled veteran owned business, independently run for more than 2 decades, when the owner decided it was time to retire. The torch was passed to Extra Packaging who continues to manufacture over 100 SKUs of body bags, first call products, and more in our Texas factory. Our plant is one of the very few factories in USA actually manufacturing body bags and related supplies.

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Centennial Products

Centennial Products Inc. was independantly run for nearly 2 decades until 2016, when the well-known & well-regarded owner/operater abruptly passed. Extra Packaging engaged Centennial’s long-time sales person to continue to service the long-standing accounts as she had for almost 20 years. People loved Centennial Products for two main reasons: being a domestic manufacturer, and being the only company offering a specific string-reinforced "diamond pattern" durable body bag. Extra Packaging uses the same materials & designs and contunies to manufactur the same unique body bags domestically, as Centennial had for many years. The addition of Centennial’s catalog and salesperson was also the motivation for adding incedental items such as gloves, needles, and all the other misc. mortuary supplies to our range of products.

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Mortuary Supplies USA (Alpha Medical)

Alpha Medical has been a leading supplier in the death care industry for more than 15 years. We supply medical examiners, coroners, funeral homes, hospitals and more, throughout the United States and Canada. We are known for our quality products, customer service, and competitive prices.